BURSA                   FIRST OTTOMAN CAPITAL 1326-1365

EDIRNE                   SECOND OTTOMAN CAPITAL 1365-1453




Landing in Istanbul. Drive across the newly built bridge in İzmit Osmangazi  to the city of Bursa. Bursa, backed by the high peaks of the Turkish Uludağ, is a modern industrial city with a fascinating historical core. It was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, from where they turned their eyes to Constantinople (modern Istanbul) and decided to conquer Byzantine cities. Although Bursa is very widespread, most of the historical sights are located in the immediate vicinity of the center. Upon arrival, the city’s central point is a tour of the Ulu Camii (Great Mosque), built by Sultan Beyazıt I with 20 domes on the roof. The Citadel of Bursa is not only a scattered remains to see, but is also the site of the tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan; founders of the Ottoman Empire. Accommodation in a hotel. Free time. Dinner. Overnight ..


After breakfast, the trip to Cumalikızok near Bursa was inscribed on the United Nations World Heritage List for Education, Science and Culture at the 38th session of the Doha World Heritage Committee. Cumalikizik, in which one of the most beautiful examples of architectural works from the early Ottoman era and which has survived to this day, was founded as a vakuf village in the 13th century. Cumalikizik was inscribed on the provisional World Heritage List in 2000, and the dossier entitled "Bursa and Cumalikizik: The Birth of the Ottoman Empire" was inscribed on the final World Heritage List.

Bus ride to Assos. Visit to the ancient city of Assos (Behramkale) - Aristotle's home, where he founded a school of philosophy and conducted the earliest research in the field of zoology, biology and botany. To this day, the city of Assos preserves a theater, a gym, necropolises from ancient times and a mosque built by Sultan Murat in the 14th century. Overnight in Assos


Bus ride to Troy .. On the hill Hisarlik we find Troy - the great city of Priam. Troy is a legendary city and the scene of the Trojan War, which is partly described in Homer’s Iliad, an epic poem in ancient Greek that originated in the 9th or 8th century BC. As we walk through the ruins of Troy, it's hard not to hear the trumpets of the Achaeans and the prophetess Cassandra: "Don't trust the Danes when they bring gifts." After seeing Troy drive to Çanakkale.

Just as the province of Istanbul lies on two continents, so Canakkale lies on two continents; Europe and Asia. Canakkale is the nearest major city near ancient Troy, a city that grew out of an Ottoman fortress called Kale-i Sultaniye (Sultan’s Fortress). Eventually, the settlement became known for pottery (Turkish: nakanak), so its name was changed to Canakkale, which would mean Ceramic Fortress. The city was built on the narrowest (1.3 km) part of the Dardanelles, and today is the administrative and commercial center of the province of the same name. One of the city’s main attractions, the medieval fortress of Kilid Bahr, is located on the Gallipoli Peninsula and is the site of the famous battle of the United Allies and the Ottoman Empire in World War I in 1915, aimed at reaching the Allies in Constantinople, present-day Istanbul. once the capital of the Ottoman Empire. . .

We cross the city in Turkey, on the northern, European side of the Dardanelles.Eceabat. Continue driving to Edirne, dinner. Overnight ..


Breakfast and check out from the hotel. On a city tour, Edirne was richly supplied with Ottoman buildings due to the role of another important role of the empire. The Selimiye Mosque is the largest building in the city, built by the famous Ottoman architect Sinan (who also built the Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul). The interior dome, even wider than the Aya Sofya dome, is incredibly impressive. In the outer courtyard there is the Edirne Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art with an excellent display of ceramics, clothing and wooden works from the Ottoman era.

Other mosques are worth visiting here, including the rather beautiful Sultan Bejazit II Mosque, the Şerefeli Mosque (with four different minarets) and the aptly named Old Mosque (the oldest mosque in Edirne). The real pleasure of traveling here is wandering the old city streets, which were once the medieval center of the city. Here you will find many traditional Ottoman wooden houses, many gracefully demolished and full of old atmospheres. Drive to Istanbul. Overnight in Istanbul


Breakfast and check out from the hotel. Departure to see the city, which will last until 15.00, when it is time to transfer to the flight from Istanbul