Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medicinski tretmani

Turkey has quickly and effectively achieved world standards in the field of treatment thanks to its health transformation program over the last decade. Through this Health Transformation Program, thousands of international patients, not just Turkish nationals, come every year, attracted by the superior health services that exist here.
Hospitals operate in accordance with the national accreditation system, and the Turkish Ministry of Health inspects them twice a year to ensure standards of quality, safety and service.
A large number of healthcare institutions in Turkey are ISO 9001 certified, JCI accredited, etc. For their clinical services, they also offer their international guests 5-star hotel comfort. Many new hospital capacities were in the most modern hospitals. In 2020 alone, 11 new hospitals came into service, with a total of 14,000 beds and equipped with the latest technology.
Integrated Health Campuses are a new generation of health facilities managed by a public-private partnership model under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Health. These sustainable and environmentally friendly facilities have seismic insulation and smart work systems.
Patients' rights, privacy and safety are the main priorities of health services in Turkey. Turkey is one of the world's leading health bases due to its qualified human resources, competitive prices, advanced technology and the provision of evidence-based services according to international standards.
Healthcare facilities in Turkey operate using the highest technology available in the world. At the same time, Turkey has invested heavily in health information technology in this process. Turkey has become the country that makes the best use of health information systems, "big data" and "artificial intelligence" in decision-making processes.


Istanbul Medical Hub

Istanbul, home to numerous civilizations that has served for centuries as a bridge connecting Europe and Asia, is known as the capital of health tourism in Turkey.
The city has countless facilities and infrastructure for health tourism, including medical tourism, thermal and spa wellness, and tourism for the elderly and infirm. There are 220 hospitals in Istanbul, including 141 private, 17 university and 62 public hospitals. There are also 4 modern city hospitals in Istanbul.
All private and public hospitals employ staff who speak foreign languages, well informed about health tourism. In addition, historical and cultural heritage and nearby cities such as Sapanca and Kartepa attract foreign patients who come to Istanbul for the purpose of health tourism
Patients who are being treated or operated on, stay another week in Turkey on vacation. The increase in the number of tourists in recent years proves Turkey's potential in this regard.


Iskra Travel in medical tourism

We are an intermediary agency for medical tourism in Turkey and our goal is to offer the best medical service at the most affordable prices for all foreign patients.
To achieve this goal, our team is always looking for partnerships abroad with local agencies, medical facilities and doctors. When affiliates abroad refer us to their patients, we provide them with more options with different costs for hospitals, hotels and all other medical and travel services they can request.
Our offerings allow patients to compare a range of different hospitals and make an educated decision about where to be treated





Estethica  Ataşehir

Estethica Bakırköy

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Medical Services


Hair Transplantation

  • • Painless Unshaven Hair Transplant
  • • Beard, Mustache and Eyebrow Transplant
  • • Percutaneous Hair Transplant
  • • DHI Plus Gold
  • • Hair Transplant for Women
  • • Hair Mesotherapy

Plastic and esthetic surgery

  • • Plastic Surgery
  • • Rhinoplasty
  • • Face Aesthetics
  • • Abdominal etching 6Pack
  • • Tummy tuck
  • • Liposuction
  • • Gynecomastia
  • • Slim Lipo
  • • Fat Transfer
  • • Buttocks Aesthetics
  • • Breast Augmentation
  • • Breast Reduction
  • • Breast Uplift
  • • Brow Lift
  • • Eyelid Aesthetics
  • • Lip Aesthetics
  • • Ear Aesthetics
  • • Arm Aesthetics
  • • Thighs Aesthetics
  • • Genital Aesthetics


  • • Oral and Dental Health Clinic
  • • CAD/CAM Technologya
  • • Dental Aesthetics
  • • Hollywood smile
  • • Dental implant

Eye treatment

  • • RETINA

IVF and Fertility

  • • Our hospitals continue to provide infertile couples with health services in light of scientific developments in well-equipped IVF centers and achieve joyful results.
  • • Infertility is defined as the failure of conception despite regular sexual intercourse without a method of birth control and is one of the main problems couples face. Today, the diagnosis of infertility - which originates from male or female factors - can mostly be established with the help of existing technological means.
  • • Our IVF centers adopt a patient-centered approach. An experienced team of gynecologists, embryologists, medical geneticists, urologists, psychologists, biologists and nurses, as well as a well-equipped in vitro fertilization laboratory, want to increase the chances of conception in infertile couples.

Obesity surgery

  • • Gastric Balloon
  • • Gastric Bypass
  • • Sleeve Gastrectomy